Digital Marketing Jobs in the United Kingdom

Digital Marketing Jobs in the United Kingdom

If you’re interested in finding a job in the digital marketing field, you’re not alone.

You can find a wide variety of jobs ranging from senior marketing executive to assistant marketing manager. These positions will have a direct impact on digital marketing and sponsorship. For example, a fintech start-up working in the bitcoin space is looking for a Head of Growth to oversee their digital marketing strategy and customer acquisition strategy.

Job description for a Digital Business Director

As a Digital Business Director, you will collaborate with trading leads to define the client’s investment profile and forecasts. You will also design a proprietary offering and work to increase revenue by identifying ways to protect and enhance the client’s brand. This role will suit candidates who have extensive digital experience and will stretch them with responsibility for the advancement of Manchester’s digital output. In return, you’ll have the opportunity to grow with a growing organisation.

The successful candidate must possess analytical and quantitative skills. They must have extensive knowledge of various technology methodologies and be able to translate business objectives into technology roadmaps. In addition, they must possess strong leadership and management skills. They must be able to work within a matrix organization and inspire teams to take ownership of their projects. Finally, they must possess exceptional communications and leadership skills. The following job descriptions outline the essential skills that a successful candidate should possess.

Job description for a Customer Relationship Manager

As a Customer Relationship Manager, you will have a diverse range of responsibilities. You’ll be responsible for engaging key customers and building trusting relationships. You’ll also look for opportunities to expand your clientele base and increase referrals. As part of this job description, you’ll need analytical and strategic skills to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. And of course, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree.

In the digital marketing industry, a Customer Relationship Manager has a wide range of responsibilities. As a customer-centric leader, they develop and implement marketing strategies. They oversee all customer-facing activities and collaborate with other departments, including sales representatives, product managers, and designers. They’ll also manage budgets and control costs. You’ll be the link between the marketing department and customer service.

Job description for a Content Marketer

A Content Marketer creates and plans marketing strategies to attract a target audience. These professionals use a content calendar to determine which types of content should be created. They coordinate with clients and write articles for a range of mediums. In addition to writing, Content Marketers must understand the needs and desires of their target audience. They must also be adept at time management and delegation. A Content Marketer’s main responsibilities include identifying and planning content, writing content, and managing social media accounts.

A Content Marketer must also possess excellent storytelling skills and be able to identify gaps in content. They must be able to create and deliver content that educates and enlightens the audience. This requires an innovative mindset and the ability to work with different departments within the organization. A Content Marketer’s work also includes planning and developing strategies for upcoming events, whether they are physical, hybrid, or virtual.

Salary range for a Content Marketer

The salary range for a Content Marketer in digital advertising jobs in the United Kingdom depends on the number of years of experience and the type of position. Content marketers are primarily focused on creating excellent content for brands. Their job description usually includes writing articles, social media posts, or videos. These individuals should be familiar with SEO, have good writing skills, and have experience using CMS systems. The average salary for a Content Marketer is between PS22,000 to PS27,000, depending on the experience level.

Digital marketers are responsible for improving their company’s reach and revenue. The main function of these specialists is to strategize, optimize websites, and create content to attract new customers and leads. In general, a Content Marketer’s salary ranges from PS32,930 (US) to $93,324 (UK) per year. However, every individual’s work style and skills will affect their salary range.

Average salary for a Content Marketer

The average salary for a Content Marketer in digital advertising jobs in the UK is around PS30,000. This is a competitive field, and there’s room for growth. Top companies, such as the BBC, ITN, and Penguin Random House, regularly advertise senior content roles with salaries up to PS30,000. Content marketers with this level of experience typically have a mix of full-time employment and a side hustle as a freelance content marketer. Their combined income is much higher than the national average for digital marketers.

While there are a variety of salaries for content marketers in the United Kingdom, the highest paid are those in Mountain View, California. Other top cities include San Francisco and Fremont. These cities pay the highest average salary for content marketing managers. However, it’s always best to check your local salaries first before applying. You’ll be surprised by how much the average salary is in these cities!


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